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Ersatz Elegance
19. Cosplayer.Musician. Dancer.Student.Photographer.

Street Fashion, Music, and Fandom Blogger.

Basically I just post a bunch of stuff relevant to me.

Oh and BTW, the "Dashboard" and Follow links are still there. Just hover the cursor over the top right corner and it'll appear.
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I’m learning this early on and it’s really awkward

It’s like IDK I feel like if I was 900% more attractive and [(3x^2-27)]/4 times less gay I wouldn’t mind it so much but for some reason it just really gives me the creeps

Not even gonna lie I’m not even as motivated to try and become a famous singer anymore not even because I don’t love singing and dancing but because I’m really disgusted by the idea of having to sing about sex and stuff just to be popular.

mom it’s 60+ degrees outside please turn off the heat.